National services I+D+i

Spain, despite the current economic situation, is one of the countries that maintains incentives for carrying out R&D projects.

There are numerous public entities who operate regionally and nationally supporting these activities through the management of various programmes. All this represents a wide range of opportunities that many companies ignore.

Services offered within the area of national projects:

  • Creation of proposals, monitoring and justification after project completion to regional programmes.
  • Partner search and creation of consortia.
  • Coordination of collaborative projects.
  • Creation of proposals, monitoring and justification after project completion to national R&D programmes.
  • Project certification by UNE 166001 standard for tax deductions.

International services I+D+i

Nowadays there is a wide range of European programmes that promote R&D projects and collaborative innovation. They all require the creation of a consortium involving entities from different European countries, notably complicating the work of definition and submission of proposals.

Financing conditions at the European level are undoubtedly the most advantageous in terms of percentage of grant and availability, since a large part of it is always provided prior to the execution of the project without cost to the companies.

This results in a highly competitive race for obtaining these funds. In addition, the administrative management of the projects requires a major investment of resources and expertise on the procedures and regulations established by the agencies responsible for managing the variety of programmes that exist.

That is the reason why SMEs, large companies and research centers often outsource these tasks to specialized consulting firms such as Ingeniería e Innovación.

Services offered within the area of international projects:

  • Creation of proposals and monitoring to international (mainly European) R&D programmes.
  • Funded projects coordination.
  • Surveillance and partner search for European projects.
  • Strategic plan for R&D internationalization.
  • Business and marketing plans for new products and services at an international level.

Strategic plans I+D+i

The highly competitive global market that we live in requires all companies to invest constantly and heavily in innovation, to the point that it has become an essential strength to ensure the survival of enterprises, especially SMEs.

Ingeniería e Innovación aims to help companies in their way to innovation, which is not always easy. Thus, based on prior knowledge of the company and its interests, we have defined two types of services designed to set the innovation strategy of our clients.

  • Project/Process strategic plans The management of innovation covers a wide range of disciplines. This service intends to address the most important aspects: raising funds for the development, planning and project management and technological surveillance. Our clients acquire the basic knowledge to deal with these three pillars of innovation management in an efficient way.
  • R&D internationalization In a global economy, the internationalization of businesses is vital to ensure their survival. The quest for knowledge wherever it is, beyond borders is undoubtedly one of the best options that companies, particularly SMEs, can use to search for differentiation and added value. By carrying out a strategic plan for R&D internationalization, Ingeniería e Innovación helps companies take this step. Shall we get started?