Business Innovation Consultancy

Our team of industrial engineers and experts in business administration provide services ranging from the identification of innovation and/or R&D activities, identification and analysis of regional, national and European project and financing opportunities, introduction and connections to technological and research partners and patents, and analysis of legal safeguards with respect to tax deductions and other financing issues. Offering support at both technical and financial levels throughout a project's life cycle ensures the maximum benefit for our clients.


The company was founded in La Rioja, Spain in 2005. Since then, we have worked with more than 300 companies, business associations and entities that promote R&D projects such as ADER (the Economic Development Agency for La Rioja) or CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development).

Mission The importance of R&D

We understand that innovation is an aspect of vital importance in the foundation of competitiveness and survival of companies in the global and highly competitive market that we live in.

Goal Your Innovation Partner

Our goal is to help companies innovate more and in a better way, offering services that cover all the tasks associated with the research process. Basically, we allow researchers to focus on the research itself.

Team Adding knowledge and experience in different fields, targeting the same goal

Ingeniería e Innovación consists of a multidisciplinary team with experts in all fields of technology and science (Industrial Engineering, ICT, Energy, Materials, Agrifood…) as well as MBA graduates. We can guarantees that our capabilities cover the tasks of managing innovation in a wide range of topics.