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The following Thursday, April 6th, it will take place, in the headquarters of the Entrepreneurs Federation of La Rioja, a conference where the main changes regarding to ADER economic aids for entrepreneurship, growth, financing, innovation, research and internationalization will be assessed. These aids have just been published for year 2017.
For this year 2017, some interesting changes have been included, as well as the mandatory electronic application for every aid, therefore the disclosure of these incentives for SMEs from La Rioja through ADER economic aids from the Government of La Rioja, becomes even more important.
In order to do so, some officials from ADER will be at full disposal of the attendants to the conference, so they can clarify any doubt that may arise.


  • 10:00h – 11:10h. Institutional opening.
  • 11:10h – 10:25h. Changes for ADER 2017.
    Mr. Javier Ureña Larragán. Manager of the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja (ADER).
  • 10:25h – 10:45h. Entrepreneurship, Growth, Financing, Innovation, R&D, Internationalization. ADER.
    Mr. Amadeo Lázaro Fernández. ADER’s strategic innovation area coordinator.
  • 10:45h – 11:30h. Electronic application of ADER aids files. 
    Mr. Luis Pérez Echeguren. Responsible of information and customer management.
  • 11:30h – 11:45h. Questions.
  • 11:45h – 13:00h. Scheduled meetings with ADER officials.

Entrepreneurship: Mr. Luis Pérez Echeguren, Responsible of information and customer management.
Growth/Financing: Ms. Mercedes Cerezo Martínez, Responsible of the fixed assets and relevant sectors unit.
Innovation/R&D&I: Mr. Alfredo Martínez Lafraya, Responsible of the R&D&I unit.
Internationalization: Ms. Carmen Alonso Ruiz, Resposible of foreign actions.

People interested in these meetings can arrange them by sending an email to which will allow them to meet the responsible of the different kind of aids ADER provides after the conference, in order to present their proyects.
With the collaboration of the Government of La Rioja and the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja.
Registration period: From 22/03/2017 to 06/04/2017. REGISTRATION

The government of La Rioja has convened and informative conference about “Economic aids for innovative cooperation activities” on April 4th in the conference hall of the Institutional Winery of La Grajera (Logroño, La Rioja).

  • 9.30 h Attendant reception.
  • 10.00 h Conference openingÍñigo Nagore Ferrer. Agriculture, Farming and Environment Counselor.
  • 10.15 h European Association for Innovation. Measures for cooperation in PNDR. Operative Group creation. Isabel Bombal Díaz. Spokeswoman. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment.
  • 11.00 h Government of La Rioja’s aids for innovative cooperation activitiesPablo Alonso Tafalla. Agricultural engineer. Department of Agriculture, Farming and Environment. Government of La Rioja.
  • 11.45 h Coffee Break.
  • 12.15 h Role of the national rural network in innovation boostCarolina Gutiérrez Ansotegui. General Subdirector of Exploitation Upgrading. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment.
  • 13.00 h Experiences within operative groups.

    The Sistemio Project. The operative group collaboration for phytosanitary treatment reduction in Catalonian vineyards. José María Caballero de la Torre. Director of TAMIC, S.L.

    Alternatives to fungicide treatments applied during the apple and pear postharvest. Josep Maria Pagès i Grau. Former director of IRTA-Mas Badia.

  • 14.00 h Discussion, panel discussion and questions, conclusions and conference closingMª Jesús Miñana Sierra. Agriculture and farming general director.

Entrance is free but confirmation of attendance is manatory. Confirm by sending an email to or by calling +34 941 29 13 91.


Next ADER Economic aids have been convened. The process must be done entirely through ADER’s Electronic Office.


 Likewise, the previously published aids are still open for participation: rear more

Source: ADER

The following March 28th in the Conference Hall of the Institutional Winery of La Grajera, a conference about “R&D&I national and international projects within the wine sector” will take place. This conference is addressed to researchers from the Vine and Wine Science Institute (ICVV) and to companies interested in the development of R&D&I projects related with the wine sector. During the conference, several financing programmes for R&D&I projects, both national and international, will be presented.

This conference is just one of the activities developed within the project VITIS Europa: Research Specialization and Internationalization, that belongs to the framework “Europe Networks and Managers” from the National Research, Development and Innovation oriented to Society’s challenges programme, within the framework of the National plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation research 2013-2016.

Entities participating in Vitis Europa, INGACAL, FEUGA e ICVV, bet on the creation of a cooperation support structure for research centres represented by them, as well as for the Spanish scientific/business environment: The VITIS EUROPA Office for European projects.

The purpose of this office will be addressing the internationalization of promotion tasks with the wine sector through the inclusion of researchers and companies involved in European projects.


  • 11:00-11:30: Financing opportunities for business within the wine sector (Eduardo Cotillas, Technological Industrial Development Centre).
  • 11:30-12:00 ADER’s aids and services for easing participation in R&D&I European programmes. (Enrique Esteban, La Rioja’s Economic Development Agency, ADER).
  • 12:00-12:30 Coffe break.  R&D&I National plan proyect and aids from University of La Rioja (UR). (Milagros Torrecilla, University of La Rioja, UR).
  • 12:30-13:00 Collaboration with companies: Realize what the OTRI from the UR can do for you. (Mónica Doyague, University of La Rioja Fundation, FUR).

For registration, please send an email to

Organized by: Vine and Wine Science Institute, Government of La Rioja, CSIC, University of La Rioja.
Collaborating: Ader, Cdti, Enterprise Europe Network, Sistema Riojano de Innovación.