We attended the event “ELAN Network Argentina 2017. New technological businesses between Europe and Argentina” Monday July 3rd, 2017

Ingeniería e Innovación attended the event ELAN (European and Latin American Business Services and Innovation Network) which took place in Buenos Aires on June 27 and 28. The event was focused on renewable energies, industry 4.0 and ICTs.

Through co-creation sessions, Through co-creation sessions, we highlighted the capabilities both continents for developing cooperative initiatives in new technological business opportunities. We also had the opportunity to draw several business ideas have also arisen meetings with other participants.

We have to be thankful for the launch of this successful initiative to the organization board of this event: Argentinian Confederation of Medium Companies (CAME) in collaboration with the Industrial Technology National Institute (INTI), Ministry of Sciences, Technology and Productive Innovation (MINCyT), Association of the Metal Industry Workers from Argentina (ADIMIRA) and TECNALIA, in cooperation and coordination with Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and the Eurochamber, supported by the Technological and Industrial Development Centre (CDTI) from Spain.